How to Perform a Factory Data Reset on Your Android Phone – The Fastest Way to Fix It

Factory reset situations can result for many reasons including the accidental deletion of important files and data from your device, accidental modifications to bootloading code, and various other reasons.

The most common reason for a factory reset

One of the reasons is the rollback (return) of an original software installation that was accidentally deleted by the user or by a computer virus. In this case, users must first attempt to roll back their current rom using an external file, and if that fails they will have to take their device in for a factory reset to attempt repairing the damage done by the software.

Most devices that are manufactured by Samsung have a data recovery feature built-in to the device. This feature (the “factory data reset”) allows users to reset the unit to its factory settings, without having to take it in for a software installation or to reset it to the manufacturer’s unlocking settings. If you have tried to perform any of these tasks and you still cannot get your device back on its feet, the chances are that you have experienced a factory reset. The steps below will show you how to rollback your device after experiencing the dreaded factory data reset:

Get Your Personal Data backed up to an external flash drive.

This data recovery technique is one of the safest ways to store your data on a removable disk that is not subject to being overwritten by random changes to your PC’s settings. You can make a data recovery CD that you can carry with you or that can be saved onto virtual data room software. Once you have made the data recovery CD, install it on your android device and then let it back up all of your personal data to it.

After making sure that your data is safely stored, use the recovery software to unlock your android settings menu. To do this, you will have to first boot your android device via USB since this is the process that unlocked the bootload in the first place. From there, connect your USB data cable to your computer. Once your computer has been successfully connected to the android device, launch the data recovery program by clicking on the “Data Recovery” icon which is found at the bottom-right corner of your device’s boot menu.

You can now start the data recovery program from the recovery mode it is in.

When in this mode, your computer can communicate with the android via USB data cable and reset the bootload. Once the bootload is reset, you can now load your existing data files and folders on the targeted partitions of your sd card (internal memory of your device). You have now performed a full factory reset.

To complete this process, disconnect the USB data cable from your computer. Plugin another USB data cable into the port on your laptop, which is connected to the battery. This should now allow your computer to communicate with your phone again. When it does launch the recovery mode again which should allow you to see a series of screens that tell you which files need to be repaired or deleted. The good thing about factory reset protection is that you can easily perform all these operations even if you have no technical skills.

You can delete the files you don’t need such as the cache, preferences, and stored services. You can also edit the text messages, contacts, and other items that are not required. You can also change your wallpaper and icons. In addition, you can perform a system scan which basically scans for any possible errors and fixes them one by one. Once everything is fixed, you can now reboot your device via recovery mode to start enjoying your factory reset.

You may find it tempting to go into download mode again to retrieve your data. Although this will solve the problem, it is not recommended as it will cause even more damage. For instance, you can accidentally wipe out your data. Furthermore, factory resetting can render your data useless if you do not use it properly afterward. Hence, the safest way to get your data back is to use the Recovery mode on your phone. Once you do this, you will not face any further issues and can start enjoying your data again.